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"Swingin' Cocktail Rock"

The Fab Lushes are on to something good with a tight, upbeat, roots-rock sound. They brilliantly pay homage to an eclectic mix of styles, but always stay true to American blues roots. The rockin’ grooves build solidly, and so does the party.

"We Won't Sleep When We're Dead" (Bramp-0015)
dead cover.jpg

"Beer Beer Beer" (Bramp-0014)

"Introducing: The Fab Lushes" (Bramp-0012)


"Funk Rock with Horns"

Brain Buckit fuses festive horns with guitar driven, funky, jam rock. Their unique blend of genres has been described as “super-charged, funked-up, mardi gras, booty-shakin music”. This is fun rock n' roll through and through. Don't miss this band.


"Brain Buckit" (Bramp-009)

"Yeah Baby!" (Bramp-0010)


In their home town of San Diego, CA, THREELEGGEDDOG is a "super group" of sorts. The members of 3LD come from a variety of different bands of different styles that have played all over the world. They decided to come together to produce an extremely radio-friendly record where song writing comes first. The result of their varied influences and styles is an exceptional debut CD where quality, adult rock is the common ground and will rival the likes of Train, The Wallflowers or The Counting Crows.

The band is exceptional in the studio and even better live. In fact, THREELEGGEDDOG is truly in its' element playing live, in front of a packed house. CDs are selling and crowds are growing. If flawlessly crafted songs with tasty hooks and pure musicianship personify the music that interests you, look no further. You have found it with THREELEGGEDDOG.


"Threeleggeddog" (Bramp-007)


Chris is a talented, multi-instrumentalist, but his bluesy, jammin' guitar work is second to none. His performances are engaging and upbeat. Whether Chris is playing  rock, delta blues, laid-back funk or just ripping a cool version of a classic tune, it’s always a good time.

Chris has shared the stage with B.B. King, Taj Mahal, Ray Charles, Robert Cray, and Keb’ Mo’… just to name a few. He has played across the U.S. and Europe. His music has been played on the radio across the globe and featured in films and commercials. It goes without saying that Chris is a true professional and only delivers the best.

"Damn, he's really good, isn't he?"

- Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo on Chris' guitar playing.


"Radio Fly 1" (Bramp-0013)

"We're All Irish Tonight" (Bramp-0011)

Luvin' Again (Bramp-0018)


"Al E. Cat Radio" (Bramp-008)

One for the Kids!

Great kids music that mom and dad will love too.

The Beatles and The Stray Cats meet The Wiggles.


Boogie jammin' on songs you probably know... Inspired by beer. 

"What song is this??? Ahhhh.... I love this song!' - person in crowd 

Beer supply likes to jam and groove on classic tunes everyone knows. but they twist it up, and make it rock, funk or skank. This is great music to just get down and party to. Along with beer, Beer Supply's other motivation is skiing. Look for them at a ski lodge near you. The group features members from San Diego and Bozeman  stand-out bands in both towns. Incl: Brain Buckit, The Fab Lushes, Citizen Jack and Sooper Noodle. 

It's time to Apres Ski. It's time to Apres Ski. 

//​San Diego Music//

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