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While you won’t find The Fab Lushes on any “Top 40 Pop” stations, they have enjoyed plenty of worldwide success on the radio, TV and in the movies. They’ve even won a Billboard song writing award. They have been in the top 40 in Europe and parts of the U.S. on the "Roots Americana" Charts.

Check out the pics below from their yearly live radio broadcast in Northern Germany on Radio Okerwelle 104,6. 

Their songs have been used around the globe on TV and Radio Talk shows, such as (but not all):  “The Howard Stern Show” on Sirius Satellite radio, “The Late Show With David Letterman” on CBS, “For What It’s Worth” on VH1, “Austin City Limits” on PBS, “Bad Ink” on A & E. Their music has also been in several Indie and Major Films (Meth Head, Borough Of Kings, Lonely Street, Boondock Saints 2…) and several ski, surf and skate films (Life Rolls On, Point and Chute). We’d like to personally thank Bridger Bowl Ski Area in Montana for playing “Let It Snow” on their website every time it dumps the white fluffy goodness.

We’ll see you guys soon!

Radio Okerwelle!

Danke Christof fÜr die Photos!

"Bottoms Up" OUT NOW!!!
preview the single:
"No Easy Way DOwn"

The Lushes love to ski.
No Easy Way Down is about ski town life.
Check out the new Ski promo video:

 "You guys play great beer drinking music" -Tys, bartender at The Reunion, San Diego

Bottoms up cover no GUIN upsddwn NO SONGS.jpg

Reviews from around the globe:

Ted Burgess: Drums. Chris Kelly: Guitar. Randy Mroczynski: Piano, Accordion. Derek von Zedeker: Bass.  Prev Bass (always a lush): Chris Crepps, James Traer

1,000+ people reached for 1 show
Cool TV stuff happening!

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